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Friday, January 22, 2010


On a COMPLETELY random and unrelated note... I thought I would share with you a little - let's called it a "moment" - that I had a couple days ago.

Scenario: Mom is somewhere not where I am. Dad is downstairs. In other words, I am alone. Or so I thought........

Basically, I had some free time before dinner and decided to listen to some music on my ipod. Apparently, it was just THAT good that day because it pretty much "made" me start busting out into some serrrious moves. No jokes, it was basically a scene right out of "Rhythm Nation" or something along those lines (of course, to ME, that's what it felt like. To someone else, I probably looked like I was mentally unstable). Anyways, smart little me decided to set the volume to a level where I couldn't hear anything else. So, amidst one of my ultra pro dance moves, I ended up swinging around to see my DAD (yes. my FAJA) looking at me like I needed to be institutionalized (to the normal eye, that might have been what it looked like. but to the TRAINED eyeballs, a true professional was blossoming that very moment). I guess it's like that quote... How does it go again? OH YEAH, "Dance like no one is watching".


"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth." - Mark Twain.

Guess my parents will be listening to my lovely yodels in the near future!

But honestly. I'm glad he saw, because it's times like those where you realize you can't always take life TOO seriously 24/7. My actin' a damn fool is clear evidence of such. Even though we are affected by cancer, we have to live. If anything, cancer is EVEN MORE reason to do so! So, in conclusion, be free. live. love. laugh. Believe. and have no fear.

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