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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inter...regional Man!

On our way to our first support group meeting. It should be interesting and I'm curious to see how it's going to go. This will be our third time in calgary this week! I feel like such a jet setter!....minus the jet. Is it possible to collect frequent road miles!? :)
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Meeting went really well :) I was a little nervous going into it. I've never been to a support meeting of any kind, so honestly, didn't know what to expect. But everything about it was warm and inviting. The house, where it was held, was beautiful and homely, and the people were incredibly informative and supportive. Not gonna lie, I got a tiny bit emotional (but managed to keep that potential gongshow under wraps) because I was just so overwhelmed. From what? I'm not sure. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by people who...understood what we were going through. Maybe it was because everything just kind of caught up to me. Or maybe it was because we were all on the same path, fighting for ourselves and for each other. Who knows? As the meeting proceeded, I felt myself get slightly annoyed (not sure if that's quite the right word there...) because there were member(s) who seemed like quite the Debbie Downers. I thought to myself, "why is he complaining so much? Why is he being so negative?" etc. etc. But as the meeting continued, it dawned on me that maybe this was the only place where these people COULD vent a little, where they could complain and talk about their experiences with people who would genuinely understand. Because, as great as it is to get support from others, I don't think they will truly be able to understand what you and your family have gone through unless they, too, have gone down that road as well. So I get it now, and I suppose that's what a support group is there for, right? To be able to have someone to lean on, to lift the heavy weights off your shoulders (even if for just a moment), and to release your frustrations out into the world. Everyone is fighting their own battle, but we ALL are fighting the same war. The war to fight off this BEAST and find a CURE.

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  1. Lance...my dear ..you blow me away with your understanding!!! You have "GOTTEN" so much in one month..that others struggle with for so long.
    Thank-you for understanding about the Warriors at the meeting..I am sorry that there wasn't more time for you and your family to ask more questions...but just as there is hope...there will always be more Support Group meetings..and please be assured that some meetings..those DD's are actually sharing happy positive things as well...and yes sometimes the mtg is the only place they can vent...but we don't let it happen all the time.
    I am so glad that you went away feeling better about the meeting.
    Next month you can probably become the WII Bowling Game champ!!! LOL!!!
    Take good care and know that I am holding your Mom, Dad and You gently in my heart!!! Safe keeping until we all meet again.
    Gentle Hugs...