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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Call to Arms

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking for a little while of creating a site dedicated to survivor and success stories to serve as a platform for hope and inspiration to others. I created a second blog, called Humanity for Hope, and would LOVE and ENCOURAGE any of you reading to submit a story to help others. Here is the description:

Hello friends,

My name is Lance. I have been thinking for a little while about putting together a site with a collection of survivor and success stories to serve as a platform for hope and inspiration.

Drawing from personal experiences, a cancer diagnosis can feel like an almost certain death sentence. For me, that time was undoubtedly the darkest moment of my life and that of my family member's lives. There is a certain feeling of hopelessness that one often feels during this time, it is a deep hole that sometimes seems impossible to climb out of. However, through this site, we can work together towards building a place where that light of hope we once thought distinguished can be ignited again. A cancer patient's life is full of many highs and lows, as I am sure many of you have experienced. If we can somehow minimize these lows and help lift each other up through these stories of hope, I truly think we could open up a world of good. We often place such a strong emphasis on the importance of drugs and science, yet sometimes forget the pure strength that hope can provide. Hope, in and of itself, can be one of the strongest forms of treatment that we can give ourselves. Sometimes, it is all that we need.

Together we can help push each other forward, because it is important to always remember that we are never alone on this journey. Tell us, tell the world, your story. Together, we can all help lift each other up. Out of the darkness that is a diagnosis, that is depression, that is disappointment. I called this blog Humanity for Hope because I envisioned it a result of a united front working, fighting, for hope. I have discovered just how beautiful and strong this community is. We laugh. We cry. We inspire. We push. We rally. We support. And we fight with a fierceness comparable to legends. Our bravery and our courage is truly quite remarkable. We, a group of people so weakened and devastated by disease, find strength in each other to conquer andfight our greatest fears. Consider this my battle cry against hopelessness and despair, something that we can all work together to extinguish. I urge you to join me in the fight to end cancer once and for all!

Please send your stories to: thecancerdiaries@live.com (Header: Humanity4Hope)

I hope to hear from you all soon! Together we can inspire and raise each other up out of the dark!

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