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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update Yo!

So I figure it's probably due time that I post an update on where we're currently at. A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything about my mom's progress. So here goes! About a month or so ago, we learned just exactly how fragile my moms bones are. We had just got home, and my mom was leaning against the kitchen counter (no biggie), and she fractured.her.ribs. That was a bit freaky. Definitely another wake-up call (don't you just LOVE how many this condition gives you!? Like oh em gee! (That was sarcasm, incase you couldn't tell)). Thankfully, it wasn't anything major or serious, so we just made SURE to take it easy and rest up. Thank the lord winter is almost over. Can you imagine what a slip on the ice could do! Not cool.

Because the velcade was not cutting down the numbers as fast as we wanted, we also added revlimid to our treatment. That was a little stressful because we had been anticipating a host of new and wonderful side effects, but thankfully, they have been quite minimal! All things considered, we have been very fortunate in terms of side effects. Some additional tingling/numbness in the hands and feet, and a little more fatigue, but definitely not anything that impaired our current quality of life. The other day, we got our numbers in from our first cycle of rev/velcade/dex, and the numbers were great! Our m-spike levels are down to about 34.9 g/L. Still not where we need to be, but compared to diagnosis (89.7!!!), that's a SUPERB number. One round of revlimid/velcade/dex has decreased the protein numbers more than about three rounds of velcade/dex. So, if the m-spike continues to drop at a constant or, hopefully, increased rate, we can expect to be prepping for transplant in about two more cycles! Yeeeeeuh!

A little while back, I had mentioned our little dilemma with the nutritionists and which to see. Well, we decided to NOT go with the doc with all the connections. Nothing says "I care about you" than being rushed out of an office with a price quote of supplements. Gee, thanks! Not. From personal experiences, I have found that a doctor's personality and how he/she addresses you is equally as important as how he/she treats you. At least in our case. In the past, when we were assigned a "substitute" because ours was too busy for our checkup, she ended up being very confusing and a little pessimistic. That took my mom a good week to recover from (you can imagine my frustration! My family worked so very hard to get her to a place where she was stronger and happier, and that came crashing down in about twenty minutes...) I find that if you feel a doc cannot give you the time of day, then how much do they really care for you? We need a doc that we can believe in. So we decided to go with the warm, inviting, PATIENT nutritionist instead. So far, we are happy with the experience. Albeit, we haven't done too much, but you can tell that the staff truly care for you. They see you as human beings rather than paychecks. So, that's always good. That's where were currently at (literally. In the nutritionists office as I type!) I don't have a paper of the current nutritional treatment we're on at the moment, but ill post one up when I get home so you can all take a look :)

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  1. Good news on the counts dropping. Be very careful what nutritional treatments you add while on vel/rev. Some will interfere with the chemo and make it far less effective. I was warned of not taking green tea, vit. C, and flax seed along with others. Best of healing to you...