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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Waiting for our end-of-cycle meeting with our doc. As of now, we have NOTHING scheduled after today, so obviously this meeting is an important one. Since our last meeting with him, my mom's PN has completely subsided! I'm not sure if its because we started seeing a nutritional doctor, but wow! Isn't that great!? Her back has been a little sore, but we're hoping that that is from her Revlimid and a sign that it is working. Gotta think positive right? We met a guy that we hadn't seen since our first support meeting (which I had posted about earlier), and since then, he has gone through a second stem-cell transplant. This man's story is astonishing and inspiring. Usually after a transplant procedure, you're in the hospital for about a month (give or take) in order for you to recover. This man was there for seven days. When he was first diagnosed, he had about 97% cancer cells within his body. He now has none. Zero. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say, HOLY SHIT! You'll have to excuse my language, but how effing amazing is that?! He credits his recovery to eating healthy, being active, and having a strong, mental outlook. Before he goes to bed, he tells his white blood cells to "go and get 'em". His story was a reminder that it is so important to always keep your head up. Your mental outlook and perspective DOES affect your physiology, and he is living proof of that. Anyways, going in to see the doc. Ill keep you posted :)
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