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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wellness Wednesdays: Wireless Edition Pt. 2!!!

How can you shield yourself from the radiation that, if you choose to live in civilization, is bombarding you at every turn?

24. According to Devra Davis, an epidemiologist and former director of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Environmental Oncology, "the most important thing you can do is use a speakerphone and an earpiece," which puts some distance between the phone and your brain. Strapping on a headset may make you look like a call-center worker, but for every inch the cell phone moves away from your body, you reduce radiation exposure dramatically. Lastly, "At no time should you - men especially - keep your phone in your pants pocket," Davis says. Even clipping a phone to your belt can damage sperm. What else?

25. Get a landline and use it at home. Stay away from cordless phones, which emit the same kind of radiation as mobiles.

26. Abandon wi-fi. Nobody likes being tethered to an Ethernet cable, but there are mounting concerns that wireless signals interfere with brain functioning (Germany has already advised its citizens not to go wireless). If you can't bring yourself to plug back in, at least place the hub far away from your head.

27. Dont' live next to a cell tower, if you can help it. When looking for an apartment, scout the neighbouring rooftops for clusters of antennas. "Major research still needs to be done," Davis says. "But there are already guidelines in place in other countries, and you'll be hearing more and more about the reasons for them"

Source: "Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health". GQ, February 2010

The article goes on to say...

- Though the scientific debate is heated and far from resolved, there are multiple reports, mostly out of Europe's premier research institutions, of cell-phone and PDA use being linked to "brain aging", brain damage, early-onset Alzheimer's, senility, DNA damage, and even sperm die-offs (many men, after all, keep their cell phones in their pants pockets or attach at the hip). In September 2007, the European Union's environmental watchdog, the European Environment Agency, warned that cell-phone technology "could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos, smoking, and lead in petrol."

- Perhaps most worrisome, though, are the preliminary results of the multinational Interphone study sponsored by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in Lyon, France... Interphone researchers reported in 2008 that after a decade of cell-phone use, the chance of getting a brain tumor - specifically on the side of the head where you use the phone - goes up as much as 40 percent for adults.

- Interphone researchers in Israel have found that cell phones can cause tumors of the parotid gland (the salivary gland in the cheek), and an independent study in Sweden last year concluded that people who started using a cell phone before the age of 20 were five times as likely to develop a brain tumor. Another Interphone study reported a nearly 300 percent increased risk of acoustic neuroma, a tumor of the acoustic nerve.

- ... At the vanguard of a new field of study that came to be known as bioelectromagnetics, he found what appeared to be grave nonthermal effects from microwave frequencies - the part of the spectrum that belongs not just to radar signals and microwave ovens but also, in the past fifteen years, to cell phones. (The only honest way to think of our cell phones is that they are tiny, low-power microwave ovens, without walls, that we hold against the sides of our heads). Frey tested microwave radiation on frogs and other lab animals, targeting the eyes, the heart, and the brain, and in each case he found troubling results. In one study, he triggered heart arrhythmias. Then, using the right modulations of the frequency, he even stopped frog hearts with microwaves - stopped the hearts dead.

The article is a bit lengthy, but it is a fascinating and informative read. I recommend everyone take a look at it and at least skim it over. You can read it here


  1. Hi Lance I am just responding to your post on the acor listserv. As you and your mother prepare for her stem cell transplant I thought you might be interested in reading some parts of my blog. I am a 45 yr. old woman I was diagnosed with mm 10/08. I had tandem transplants one in January of 09' and one in April 09' I blog about them at howtomoveamountain.blogspot.com Both transplants were started as an outpatient. However the second one was tougher as I was admitted to the hospital for two weeks due to infections. Your mother can get through this!! especially with your support. She will be very weak for a while. I was in complete remission after the second transplant and am now on Maintenance chemo. Have finished 9months of 12 months protocol. good luck to you both. I jsut thought you might like to read of my experiences since they were both different. Take Care, Kris

  2. Kristine! My apologies for such a delay in response! I have been SUPER busy with the MAM event!!! (If you have a facebook account, PLEASE join and encourage others to do so! We must spread awareness of this little-known disease! Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122041064482879 ). i will take a look at your blog FOR SURE! Thank you for your support! and can I just say...I LOVE the title of your blog! (Secretly, I am jealous I did not come up with it...ok, not so secret anymore).

    And congratulations! Remission is probably THE most beautiful word in the English language, aside from C.U.R.E! I am truly and sincerely happy for you :) It warms my heart to read such inspirational stories.