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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Harvest II

Up again! Here's to round 2! And THIS time, I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour! No zombies to-day!

I lied. Why was I so perky this morning? Me=zombie. We got some good news though. We're just about to start the harvest today andd our lovely nurse told us we collected about 400 million stem cells instead of the 200-something we had previously thought. From my understanding, one transplant takes about 275 million stem cells. So by the end of yesterday, we were closer to the two-transplant mark for the amount of cells we collected than we were for the single transplant. Two transplants take about 550 million stem cells, so we're getting there! If we can collect even MORE, that would be great! Waste not, want not right?


This is the "colorgram" that the transplant nurse uses while she is monitoring my mom. The tube in the middle is supposed to be a color that is in between the third color from the right and the third color from the left. As you can see, the tube is a bit dark, so some adjustments had to be made.


TRANSPLANT IS OVAAA! We don't know our final numbers yet, but we've collected somewhere between 600-700 million little warrior stem cells! That is DEFINITELY enough for at LEAST 2 transplants!!!
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  1. Hi Lance - Thanks for updating on your mom's condition - very glad to hear that the procedure is going well. We've been praying hard for your mom and your family - and will continue to pray hard. Just made a little donation toward your MM fund raise blog - hope more people will donate for this cause. Try to get some sleep once in a while ---

    With many hugs and prayer,

    Uncle Richard, from Kelowna