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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When a pharmaceutical company tells you they "aspire to cure cancer", do you really believe them? Color me a cynic, but wouldn't that be the worst business model ever? You'll have to forgive my attitude. I feel like I'm bipolar today, going from disappointed and letdown to inspired and motivated to frustrated and scared, and then back again. I just learned that my mom may need to go through another transplant, and before Christmas too. This has NOT made me a happy camper. And while I realize that this is the case for many others, that doesn't change the fact that it completely fucking blows. To go through that procedure AGAIN!? How did this day go from hoping everything we've done would be enough to wash, rinse, **REPEAT**?! And to clarify on my previous post, I knew something was off with my mom's biopsy numbers... And now I know why. Her most recent biopsy before the last showed 16% and from that time to transplant, it went UP almost 10%! TEN!!!! I knew we should have tried more chemo before collection, but our doctors insisted that that wouldve damaged the stem cells. And I'm sure they were probably right, but I feel like something else could have been done... So now, our predicament now is whether or not to go with a transplant (time is of the essence) or continue with treatment. With Thalidomides new availability in Canada, I want to say treatment. But would that be best? Lost and Confused...
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  1. I just came across your blog and I'm looking forward to reading it all. My dad was diagnosed with Mulitple Myeloma in March of 2009. I made a blog this summer to talk a little bit about it, but to also try to inspire those going through a hard time or just need something to cheer them up. It'd be great if you could check mine out! It's www.getreadyitsanewday.blogspot.com. The post giving detail about my dad's journey is called "Soundtrack to my Life". Sorry this is a really long comment.. but hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!