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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Herrre We Go!

So today marks our very first treatment of chemo and all went well! We were quite surprised actually to the amount of time it took for the nurses to administer the chemo. Anti-nausea took about 15 minutes and the actual chemo(Velcade) took literally, like, five seconds! Then another 15 minutes for a saline flush and we were good to go! Yayyy! I had originally planned to update during the treatment (for a more "in-the-moment" kind of feel..ooh the excitement!) But I soon found out that I had to register my phone on the site to do so. Got a new phone the other day, so I feel like I should give you an advanced warning for what will surely be a ton of spelling mistakes and text talk (grammar junkies, look away!) Its probably due to the fact that my fingers are apparently OBESE and like to hit several different buttons at once. Either that or this keypad was made for pygmies as the target market... Anyways, moms spirits are up and were running into this with our heads held high :) So far, no symptoms. Hoping to god it'll stay that way!!!!
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  1. Fact: you're fingers are fat.

    Yay for your majjah :)