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Friday, January 29, 2010


Sitting through treatment with momma bear right now. I'm so so thankful that these things are less than an hour! We could do it in less time, but she prefers to take her kytril through an iv and have a full saline flush, which takes about an extra half hour. But she's comfortable with that and it gives her some time to rest, so whatever works right? Since the last time we were here, the numbers that we want up are up and hopefully those we want down have gone down (I looked through her files (which apparently I am not allowed to do due to legal reasons) and was able to look at a couple of the test results hehe. Sneaky me!). Since her first treatment, she has noticed that the pressure in her back has been reduced quite significantly, so HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY that means that treatment is working and the myeloma cells are being reduced (thus, less pressure inside the bones). The sun is shining and she's feeling pretty good today, so ill take that as a sign that today will be a good day :). There is a fundraising race/marathon for MM in the summer that I'd really like to enter. Preferably the 5k. However, yesterday I discovered just how physically NOT.IN.SHAPE I am thanks to mr.treadmill. At 2.5k I was OVER IT! Sooo looks like ill need to do a little bit of training until then. But I'm excited! Ill consider it a goal to work towards. Anyone care to join me? :)
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