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Monday, January 3, 2011


Ok. I SERIOUSLY have to change my sleeping patterns here. Constant late nights have tricked my body into thinking 4am is my regular bedtime. It is now 5:55 am... CURSES!

Thought writing a blog post would exhaust whatever remaining reserves I have in my brain to let me sleep. Have you ever wondered what you would choose if you were given the choice of a super power? Or perhaps 3 wishes from a genie? Or do I really have that much time on my hands... (Don't judge)

The question pops into my head at random intervals throughout the year. Random, of course, meaning monday afternoons in the middle of an economics lectures (I despise Mondays...). But what would you choose? Perhaps time travel or super-human strength? Invisibility (youuuu pervert) or regenerative powers? Up until diagnosis, I definitely would have said time control. That would have meant no more all-nighters and cramming. But then again, those powers would be in direct conflict with my already existing ones of procrastination. It would bring a wholllle new meaning to "last minute", you don't even KNOW! But now, I think the greatest gift one could receive would be the ability to heal all illnesses. That would be absolutely beautiful. Just think about the sheer number of people's lives you could change! No longer would people have to fear the inability to see their child's graduation, or the fear of not having a parent there at your wedding or see their grandkids grow up. Agh, a man can dream... Of course, then BigPharma probably hire someone to lock you away forever and ever (just kidding.........). But can you imagine? You'd be able to heal people left, right, and center! People would think you'd be the next savior, and then you'd have a REAL interesting situation on your hands! (Can you tell how many times i've thought this one over?)

Dream a little dream...

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